Udon noodles

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    3 products

    Step into the rich and texture-filled world of udon noodles by exploring our delightful range of top-grade, chewy noodles. We personally taste every product we stock for our own kitchens, ensuring that you are enjoying the best udon noodles the region has to offer.

    What are udon noodles?

    Udon noodles are a beloved staple in many Asian kitchens, made primarily from wheat flour and water. These thick and chewy noodles have a satisfying texture that sets them apart.

    Udon noodles come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from thick and cylindrical to flat and wide. Each type offers its own unique taste and texture, adding excitement to every dish.

    What dishes can I use udon noodles in?

    Udon noodles are incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of Asian recipes. 

    That said, their hearty texture and ability to absorb flavours make them perfect for soups such as kitsune and niku udon as well as stir-fries such as yaki udon.

    So why wait any longer? Buy udon noodles from us now for fast delivery throughout the UK.

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