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    Calling all spice lovers! Start a captivating journey through the vibrant flavours of East and Southeast Asia with our handpicked range of curry pastes and powders. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions of the region as you explore the diverse range of curries it has to offer.

    What is curry?

    Curry is a broad term used to describe a variety of spice seasoned dishes originating from different regions around the world, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

    In Southeast and East Asia, curries are widespread and can vary significantly in terms of ingredients, flavours, and spiciness levels. That said, they usually feature a combination of meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked together with a curry paste - consisting of a spices, herbs, and aromatics and a sauce base. Curries are commonly served with rice, bread, or noodles.

    Curries are great at showcasing the culinary traditions of each region, with each country offering its own unique interpretation, such as the rich and thick Japanese curry, the fragrant and spicy Thai curries, or the complex and bold flavours of Indonesian rendang.

    What are popular types of curries?

    Curries are a popular part of Southeast and East Asian cooking traditions and can vary significantly depending on where you go. That said, here is a list of popular curries from the region:

    Thailand: Green curry, Red curry, Massamam curry, Yellow curry

    Malaysia: Panang Curry, Kari Ayam (Malaysian chicken curry)

    Indonesia: Rendang, Gulai

    Philippines: Kare-kare, Adobo

    Vietnam: Ca Ri Ga (Vietnamese chicken curry)

    Korea: Korean curry rice

    Japan: Katsu curry, curry udon, and curry buns

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    If you want to learn more about Asian curries, why not read our blog post on our favourite Southeast Asian curries and stews.

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