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Our story

We are a sibling team who love Asian food and culture

Morueats is our way of sharing the passion we have for Asian food and culture. We want others to experience the amazing adventures in Asia that we've been so fortunate to have.

Why shop with us

We want everyone to enjoy the best of Asia!

Morueats Promise

We handpick only the very best Asian products and ingredients that we are happy to use in our own homes. This includes everything from authentic, traditional staples to exciting brands showcasing the latest Asian food trends.

Quality and Fresh

We believe that not all food is created equally, and that quality and freshness are key to enjoying the best of Asia. We work directly with 20+ specialist suppliers and producers to ensure that every full-priced product is of the highest quality and at peak freshness when it reaches you.

Incredible Experience

We always want to satisfy and delight our customers, regardless of their familiarity with Asian food. To achieve this, we’re focused on great store design, product availability, fast delivery, friendly customer support, and a loyalty program designed to reward our community for their continuous support.

And finally, what does moru mean?

The term "moru" originates from the Japanese word "mōru" (モール), which translates to "mall" in English