Welcome to morueats

Our mission is for everyone to enjoy the best of Asia!

Our founder story

We are a brother and sister team who love Asian food and culture

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Morueats is our way of sharing the passion we have for Asian food and culture. We want others to experience the amazing adventures in Asia that we've been so fortunate to have.

Our Values

The principles we live by and our commitment to you

We sell the highest quality Asian foods

We only stock our favourite Asian grocery products which are handpicked for our own kitchens. This means you can rest assured that you are enjoying the true and authentic tastes of Asia.

We make Asian food accessible

We love Asian food and want to make it accessible and easy-to-enjoy for everyone, regardless of their experience. To do this, we make detailed product pages and content that educates & inspires our community.

We always seek new adventure

We live and breathe Asia and especially love travelling around it. We are always on the look out for new experiences and Asian products to share with our community.

We satisfy and delight our customers

We always want you to be delighted! To achieve this, we're focused on providing an inspiring and simple to use website, great choice, excellent quality as well as best-in-class delivery and customer service.

What does moru mean?

The term 'moru' originates from the Japanese word 'mōru' (モール), which translates to 'mall' in English

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