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    2 products

    Take a sip into refreshing world of Japanese tea with our curated collection. Each tea is a testament to Japan's centuries-old tea traditions, capturing the essence of its rich culture and intricate ceremonies.

    Japanese teas are celebrated for their refined flavours, delicate aromas, and the sense of calm they bestow. From the deep, vegetal notes of Sencha to the powdered brilliance of Matcha and the roasted warmth of Hojicha, each tea offers a unique sipping experience. Whether you're seeking a refreshing brew to start your day, a meditative drink for your afternoon, or exploring the vast nuances of Japanese teas, our range has something for every palate.

    Discover the diverse world of Japanese tea and let each sip transport you to serene tea gardens and timeless ceremonies. Order today and enjoy the authentic taste of Japan delivered swiftly to your doorstep in the UK.

    If you want to learn more about Japanese tea, you may find our guide to Japanese tea useful.

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