Tofu and Bean Curd

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    Explore our range of tofu for Asian cooking. We taste and handpick everything we stock, so you can rest assured that you are experiencing an authentic and great-tasting product.

    What is tofu?

    Tofu (also referred to as bean curd) is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine.

    Tofu is made from soy milk that has been curdled and pressed into solid blocks. It has a mild and neutral taste, and the special power of being able to absorb the flavours of other ingredients it is cooked with. Tofu is valued for its high protein content as well as its ability to complement a wide range of flavours and ingredients.

    Which dishes can tofu be used in?

    Tofu is a versatile ingredient which comes in a range of textures, ranging from silken (soft and silky) to firm and extra firm. This creates various options for cooking and preparing tofu-based dishes.

    Tofu is a common ingredient in stir-fries, soups, curries, salads, and even desserts. 

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    If you want to learn more about Asian tofu, read our blog post on what to do with tofu.

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