From Hot to Wild: The Best Spicy Instant Noodles

Jun 2, 2024

Do you love the thought of a bowl of spicy instant noodles but struggle to decide which one to choose? If so, you're not alone.

We love the thought of reaching for a pack of spicy instant noodles and knowing that in a few minutes, we'll have a bowl of steaming, wholesome goodness with a spicy kick. However, with so many types of noodles out there, we understand that it can be difficult to always pick the right one.

In this article, we'll share our personal take on the best spicy instant noodles on the market. Whether you enjoy a mild burn or an intense fiery sensation - one thing's for sure - there's a spicy instant noodle out there for you.

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#1 Samyang Buldak 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

Samyang Buldak 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen is infamous worldwide for its scorching heat. Originating from South Korea, it's a favourite among heat lovers, especially those fond of its double dose of spiciness. It even hit the mainstream through the viral "fire noodle challenge".

Each pack comes with chewy wheat noodles and two sachets. The first sachet contains a potent hot chicken sauce which makes every bite packed with chicken flavour and a wild fiery kick. The second contains seasoning which includes sesame seeds and dried seaweed. We love how the deep, savoury profile of the chicken is complemented by the crunchy texture of the seasoning.

Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 2x Spicy 140g

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#2 Samyang Buldak 1x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

If 2x spicy is a bit too extreme for you, then you will be glad to hear that Samyang has also created a 1x Spicy version. This is great for people who appreciate a spicy kick but don't want to be overwhelmed.

We find that Samyang Buldak 1x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour retains the beloved flavour profile of its spicier counterpart. However, it has less of a kick, making it perfect for a satisfying, less intense meal. These noodles are ideal if you want to appreciate the full taste and texture of the chicken, noodles and seasoning with a manageable level of spice.

Samyang Buldak 1x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

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#3 Nongshim Shin Ramyun Instant Noodles

Nongshim Shin Ramyun is a classic Asian instant noodle that is a staple in Korean households and has gone on to gain a global reputation. It is best known for its robust, spicy beef broth and hearty vegetable mix. This makes them the perfect choice for a comforting, flavourful meal that isn't overly spicy whenever suits you.

We love the combination of chewy noodles, umami-packed broth and dried vegetables, including carrots and shiitake mushrooms. Better still it's great that it can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Add your favourite meat or seafood for an even more satisfying meal experience.

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Instant Noodles 120g

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#4 Nissin Demae Ramen Spicy Instant Noodles

Nissin Demae Ramen brings the rich flavours of Japan to your kitchen in a very convenient and affordable way. These noodles are made by Nissin, one of the most popular noodle brands in the world, which was first introduced to Japan in 1969.

We love that they offer a delicate balance of spicy and nutty flavours which makes it a perfect quick yet satisfying meal. Add your favourite ramen toppings to customise your meal to perfection.

Nissin Demae Ramen Spicy Sesame Instant Noodles 100g

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#5 Indomie Mi Goreng Stir Fry Spicy Noodles

Indomie Mi Goreng is an Indonesian classic that has gained international recognition. The stir-fried style noodles are seasoned with a combination of spices, and enhanced with crispy fried onions and garlic.

This instant noodle is perfect for those who love a spicy, stir-fried, classic Indonesian dish. We find its savoury and spicy seasonings make it ideal for a quick snack. It's as simple as cooking, draining and then adding flavours. You may also wish to add meat or fish such as chicken, beef or prawns as well as cabbage, tomatoes or an egg for a full Indonesian experience.

Indomie Mi Goreng Stir Fry Spicy Noodles 80g

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#6 Nongshim Neoguri Spicy Seafood Cup Noodles

If you are a spice lover who loves seafood then listen up. Nongshim Neoguri offers a unique spicy seafood experience with its rich broth and chewy ramyun noodles. These noodles have been produced by Nongshim since 1982 and are the fourth most popular brand of noodles in Korea.

These Korean noodles contain a mix of spices including red pepper and garlic. This is combined with a tasty seafood seasoning consisting of bonito, anchovies, cuttlefish and mussels. We also love adding a bit of kombu or seaweed as a final touch as this is present in the original Korean version but not everywhere else.

Nongshim Neoguri Spicy Seafood Cup Noodles 62g

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#7 Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Ramen adds a creamy, cheesy twist to Samyang's spicy hot chicken flavour ramen. The result is a unique fusion of flavours that's both comforting and fiery.

If you like this cheese version, then you may wish to also try carbonara hot chicken flavour. This fun pack combines Italian carbonara sauce with the heat of buldak.

Samyang Buldak Cheese Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 140g

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#8 Paldo Volcano Chicken Noodles

Last but not least are Paldo Volcano Chicken Noodles. Originating from South Korea, they are known for their exceptionally intense heat and robust flavour. Hence the use of the word "volcano" in their name.

These spicy instant noodles create an explosive taste that's definitely not for the faint-hearted. When coated in the fiery sauce, eating the thick, chewy noodles becomes a thrilling adventure for your taste buds and a true test of your stamina.

Paldo Volcano Chicken Instant Noodles 140g

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Final Word

Each of these spicy instant noodles offers a unique flavour profile and heat level. This ensures there's something for every spice lover. Whether you prefer the extreme heat of Samyang's 2x Spicy Hot Chicken. Or the seafood twist of Nongshim Neoguri Spicy Seafood. There's sure to be at least one that can satisfy your spicy cravings.

Why don't you start trying these spicy options now to discover your new favourite spicy instant noodles?

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