What Is Kopiko Candy? Indonesia's Coffee Candies

Mar 14, 2024

Enjoy Coffee. Anytime, Anywhere. Kopiko's tagline is the ultimate dream come true for many coffee drinkers around the world.

Originating from Indonesia, Kopiko candy is the world's no.1 coffee hard candy. As coffee lovers, we love it because it contains real coffee and tastes just like actual coffee.

In this blog, we'll uncover the true story behind this Indonesian coffee sweet. We'll walk the journey from its humble beginnings to the modern day where it's become one of the most globally recognised hard-sweet brands.

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What is Kopiko Candy?

Kopiko Candy is a popular coffee-flavoured hard candy. It takes inspiration from Indonesia's rich coffee culture where it originates. Kopiko candies are made from real coffee extract. This ensures an authentic and robust coffee taste that appeals especially to coffee lovers. They are rectangular in shape and come individually wrapped.

The Origins of Kopiko Candy

Kopiko candy was created by Mayora, a renowned Indonesian food manufacturer. Mayora started in 1948 by baking biscuits in a home kitchen. It has since gone on to become a goliath and is known for its diverse range of products, including snacks, biscuits, and confectioneries.

Mayora Logo And Products

Credit: Mayoraindah.co.id

The birth of Kopiko Candy in 1982 was a response to the booming coffee and café culture in Indonesia. With coffee playing a central role in the economy and in the daily rituals of many Indonesians, the idea of a coffee-flavoured candy was a no-brainer.

Kopiko candies are named after the Kopiko coffee plant. Also known as Psychotria mariniana or the forest wild coffee, the coffee plant comes from Hawaii. They are made using real coffee beans grown on the fertile, tropical islands of Indonesia. As a result, they have a similar aroma, flavour profile and intensity as real Indonesian coffee.

What Types of Kopiko Are There?

There are two main flavours of Kopiko Candy. Firstly there is the original Kopiko Coffee which is rectangular in shape. Then there's the more recent Kopiko Cappuccino which comprises 2 layers and is round. Both types of Kopiko Candy are individually packed.

Kopiko Coffee Candy

How Does Kopiko Candy Taste?

The classic original, Kopiko Coffee is known for its bold and intense black coffee taste. On the other hand, Kopiko Cappuccino is less caffeinated with a creamier and more aromatic taste. 

In our opinion, Kopiko Candy really does taste like coffee. Each individually wrapped coffee sweet gives off a pleasant smell of coffee before opening. Once in your mouth, the smooth, polished surface of Kopiko literally melts. It quickly becomes easy to chew as the hard outer shell dissolves to reveal the soft, full-bodied coffee centre. It almost becomes a bit like sipping on a fresh brew of coffee.

What Ingredients Are in Kopiko Candy?

Typical ingredients for Kopiko candies are shown below. Please note these can vary slightly yet they are suitable for vegetarians. Allergens are shown in bold.

Kopiko Coffee Flavour Candy 

Sugar 47.4%, Glucose 37.2%, Vegetable Oil 9.1%, Coffee Extract 4.9%, Butter, Emulsifier (E322, Soy Lecithin), Colour (E150d), Salt, Coffee Flavour.

Kopiko Cappuccino Flavour Candy 

Sugar 43.51%, Glucose 36.78%, Vegetable Oil 8.14%, Milk Powder 6.28%, Coffee Extract 2.45%, Butter, Emulsifier (E322, Soy Lecithin), Colour (E150d), Vanillin.

How Much Caffeine Is in Kopiko Candy?

The amount of caffeine varies for each type of Kopiko Candy. The Coffee Flavour Candy contains more caffeine than the Cappuccino Flavour Candy.

Kopiko Coffee Flavour Candy contains high levels of caffeine at 533mg / 100g. In other words, 4-5 Kopiko Coffee candies have the same caffeine as drinking one cup of coffee. Kopiko Cappuccino Flavour Candy contains around half the amount of caffeine with 267mg / 100g. In other words, 8-10 Kopiko Cappuccino candies have the same caffeine as drinking one cup of coffee.

The level of caffeine in both types of Kopiko candy is not suitable for children, pregnant women, or persons sensitive to caffeine.

Cultural Appeal of Kopiko Candy

Kopiko extends so much further than just the candy aisle. Its broad cultural appeal has helped it gain traction in recent years. It's now considered one of Indonesia's and Southeast Asia's most popular snacks.

Kopiko is commonly seen in popular Korean dramas such as Vincenzo, Mine, and Hometown Cha Cha Cha. This allows it to connect with broad audiences across the globe through beloved stories and characters.

Beyond the screen, Kopiko has reached the stars and has been enjoyed by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. This is because it offers a unique solution for coffee lovers in an environment where liquid coffee is not an option.

Kopiko Candy in Space

Credit: Mayoraindah.co.id

A memorable moment unfolded when Indonesian Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan presented Tela boss, Elon Musk with a pack of Kopiko during a meeting in 2022. In a widely viewed video, Musk is seen tasting the candy, before giving two thumbs up in approval.

Elon Musk and Kopiko Candy

Credit: Mayoraindah.co.id

Global Reach of Kopiko Candy

Kopiko Candy's success isn't only found within the borders of Indonesia. It has emerged as a global brand, with availability in around 80 countries across the globe and sales of over 50 million packs a year. Global distribution channels have made Kopiko Candy a household name. This is especially true for those who appreciate the depth and character of coffee in all its forms.

Final Word

In the world of confectionery, Kopiko Candy stands out for its Indonesian heritage and authentic coffee taste. Whether enjoyed alone or shared, it celebrates a rich heritage that makes Indonesian coffee special.

Indulge in a piece of Kopiko Candy and allow it to transport you to the lush landscapes and bustling cafes of Indonesia. Whether it's the first taste or a daily habit, we find that Kopiko Candy is a bit like holding a little piece of Indonesia in the palm of your hand.

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