15 Popular Asian Drinks To Quench Your Thirst!

Oct 31, 2022

Whether it’s hot outside, you’ve had a long day, or you’re simply craving a cool sip of a refreshing beverage, we’ve got you covered.

This list of the best, thirst-quenching Asian drinks will be sure to hit the spot and includes some of our personal favourites!

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#1 Ramune

Popularly known as Japan’s national soft drink, Ramune is a carbonated soft drink with a sweet lemon-lime flavour. The name ‘Ramune’ is originally derived from the English word ‘lemonade’ and it’s often associated with the refreshing taste of summer time. Ramune is one of the rare soft drinks today that still uses a Codd-neck bottle, whose mouth is sealed by a marble. We have many fond memories as children trying unsuccessfully to remove this marble.

Kimura Ramune Original Carbonated Soft Drink 200ml

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#2 Bubble Tea

Originating from Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea is now officially an international phenomenon. The drink is made with a tea and milk base. Chewy tapioca pearls are then added to give it its famous ‘bubbles’. From personal experience, a good bubble tea should be smooth and creamy, with bubbles that resemble gummies. You can also add a variety of other toppings including grass jelly, aloe vera and red bean to go with your bubble tea!

Bubble tea, an iconic Asian drink

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#3 Milo

Milo is a chocolate flavoured malt drink that can be made by combining Milo powder with milk or hot water. Though developed originally in Australia, Milo is now a staple in Southeast Asia, with Malaysia being said to have the highest consumption of Milo per capita. Milo is named after the ancient Greek athlete Milo of Croton and the drink is often associated with sporting activities and giving children an energy boost! 

Milo chocolate drink

#4 Chilled Iced Tea

Tea-lovers rejoice! Chilled iced tea is popular all over Asia, including Japan, China, and India. Now, it's packaged in bottles for on-the-go enjoyment. It comes in flavours including popular types of Chinese tea, popular types of Japanese tea, green tea, jasmine tea, black lemon tea, and oolong. What’s great about chilled iced tea is that it also comes in unsweetened options for those who are watching their sugar levels or trying a slimming tea! We simply love these on a hot summer day. Popular brands include Ito En and Pokka. 

Chilled ice tea

#5 Yuzu Fruit Drink

Another popular soft drink from Asia is the Yuzu fruit drink. Yuzu is a citrus fruit, most commonly cultivated in East Asia. Authentic Yuzu has hints of mandarin, lime, and grapefruit, paired with a subtle floral fragrance. This crisp and refreshing beverage packs a strong vitamin C punch and can be found in still and sparkling variations. 

Yuzu fruit juice

#6 Melon Milk Drink

Melon Milk is our go to drink from vending machines across East and South East Asia. If you love the sweet, juicy flavour of melon, you will surely love this Asian drink. Melon milk drink combines the natural sweetness of melon with the creamy, smooth taste of milk. This delicious fruit and milk combination popularised by brands such as Japan’s Pokka also comes in alternative tasty flavours such as banana milk and mango milk. 

Melon Milk Drink

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#7 Jelly Drink

Who knew you could have the perfect combination of chewy texture and fruity goodness all in one beverage? Popular jelly drinks from Japan include Tarami’s Konnyaku Jelly Drink which is made with real fruit juice and comes in a few mouth-watering flavours such as peach, apple and grape. The good news? This jelly is made from konjac yam which is low in calories so it can be enjoyed guilt-free! 

Konnyaku jelly drink

#8 100Plus

With 100Plus around, you never have to worry about getting dehydrated! This Asian soft drink is an isotonic sports drink by F&N that is hugely popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Originally intended for sporty people looking to replenish fluids and electrolytes for optimum hydration, 100Plus has now become a drink of choice for any occasion - in restaurants, public events and even served at weddings!   

100Plus isotonic drink

#9 Krating Daeng

Do you know Red Bull? Well, Krating Daeng (which translates to ‘Red Bull’ in Thai) is the original energy drink that served as the inspiration for Red Bull. It’s a non-carbonated beverage with a mildly sweet taste, infused with a dose of caffeine and vitamin Bs. The next time you need an energy boost, try Krating Daeng to perk you right up. 

Krating Daeng

#10 Cold Instant Coffee

Nothing hits the spot quite like a refreshing gulp of ice cold coffee! In Asia, brands like Nescafe have perfected the art of ice cold coffee and packaged it into bottles and cans for us to enjoy on-the-go. The rich aroma and delightful blend of coffee and milk will give you the kick you need to start your day. It also comes in a range of flavours including white coffee, latte, hazelnut and mocha. 

When we've got more time, we also enjoy finding a coffee shop with a nice cold coffee tap which are unsurprisingly common given the hot climate.

Nescafe cold instant coffee

#11 Milk and Yoghurt Soda

Hailing from South Korea, milk and yoghurt soda has been introduced to the masses in the 80s and popularised by brands such as Milkis. A favourite amongst the youth, this beverage combines the sweet creaminess of milk and yoghurt with light fruity notes. This Asian drink is available in flavours such as orange, strawberry, mango and many more! 

Milkis milk and yoghurt drink

#12 Hwachae

Hwachae is a traditional Korean punch made with various fruits and edible flowers. There are about 30 types of Hwachae. A popular version is Subak Hwachae, also known as the Korean watermelon punch. Scoop out watermelon into a bowl with a large spoon, add loads of ice, fruit juice and milk (if you fancy that). Then top it off by adding Sprite for that extra fizz and voila! A delicious cooling beverage for the whole family to enjoy!

Hwachae, Korean punch drink

#13 Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat stands out from other drinks. Unlike most, it’s not created by an F&B company, but by a pharmaceutical company! Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceuticals developed Pocari Sweat in the 1980s to be a drinkable IV solution for people to rehydrate after illness. This Japanese isotonic drink is non-carbonated with a mild grapefruit flavour and is now a drink of choice not just for athletes but for anyone craving a refreshing beverage. 

Pocari Sweat drink

#14 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known as a superfood. It boasts many health benefits, such as improving digestion, and maintaining dental and eye health. As a beverage, aloe vera comes as pure aloe vera juice or as extracts combined with other drinks such as green tea or fruit juices. Brands like South Korea’s OKF and Lotte boast a range of natural aloe vera drinks with a chewy jelly-like pulp, giving you a yummy but healthy choice. We personally love the chewy aloe vera bits.

Aloe vera drink

#15 Soy Bean Drink

The next time you’re hankering for a soft drink, give soy bean drinks a try for an authentic Asian experience! Made from soaking and grinding soybeans, this light fragrant beverage is a favourite in Asia across generations. This smooth, creamy drink is protein-rich and vegan-friendly and is often considered as a healthier alternative to other beverages.  

Soy bean drink

Final Word

So, what are you waiting for? Grab any of these 15 Asian drinks today and enjoy a delicious, refreshing experience that’ll put you in a great mood to kick-start your day or to kick-off your shoes and relax!  

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