Discover Our 12 Favourite Japanese Sweets

Apr 21, 2024

Japan is renowned for its unique and creative approach to confectionery. Whether you've been to Japan or not, you almost certainly know something about Japanese sweets.

Japanese sweets include everything. From sweets that double as fun activities to chocolates with surprising flavours. They are constantly evolving and pushing new boundaries.

Today, we are going to share our 12 favourite Japanese sweets including many sweets and chocolates that we enjoyed on a recent trip to Japan. All these sweets are as delightful to your tastebuds as they are intriguing.

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#1 Hi-Chew Candy

A staple in Japan and beloved worldwide, Hi-Chew candies offer a smooth, chewy texture and a great choice of intense fruity flavours. They come in a wide array of around 200 tastes, from the familiar like apple and grape to the exotic like yuzu and acai.

Hi-Chew Candies

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#2 Japanese Kit Kat

Kit Kat bars are a big phenomenon in Japan. There are a lot of exciting flavours available to try. These range from staples such as our favourite matcha green tea to regional specialities like Hokkaido melon. There are even seasonal specials like Sakura for the Cherry Blossom season. On a recent trip to Tokyo, we had fun trying to spot as many new flavours as possible. And trust me, we lost count!

Japanese Kit Kat Flavours

#3 Pocky

Pocky is an iconic Japanese snack consisting of biscuit sticks coated in chocolate. However, Pocky doesn’t stop there. There's a great range of delicious flavours like strawberry, matcha, and almond crush to enjoy. This makes Pocky a versatile treat to be enjoyed by all ages.

Pocky Stick Selection

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#4 Coris Sonomanma Gum

These soft-centred chewing gum balls are unique in the world of sweets. They contain a surprisingly flavoured paste in the centre which creates an unexpected fizz. In every pack, there's one hidden super sour flavour which you will either love or hate. Our favourite flavour Ramune mimics the sensation of drinking Ramune soda really well.

Coris Sonomanma Gum

#5 Glico Giant Caplico

You've got to love the vibe and convenience of this faux ice cream in a cone. Glico Giant Caplico is a delightful treat, which contains aerated chocolate to mimic ice cream, and a crunchy wafer. We find it a bit like enjoying an ice cream cone without worrying about it melting all over!

Caplico Faux Ice Cream

 Glico Giant Caplico Party (Image source: Glico)

#6 Lotte Koala's March

These crunchy biscuits are filled with chocolate crème. They are not only delicious but come with cute koala designs. Each comes with a different character print, typically doing some activity. This adds a bit of joy and intrigue to every bite.

Lotte Koala's March Biscuit Sweets

#7 DIY Candy Kits

DIY candy kits are called "chicks-gashi" which translates as "intellectual training candy". They are specially created kits containing supplies and instructions on how to build your sweets. From making your mini sushi rolls to building a grocery store, they provide a fun, engaging way to enjoy sweets.

Diy Candy from Japan

#8 Fettucine Gummy Sweets

These gummy sweets are shaped like fettuccine pasta. They offer a tangy twist with flavours like peach and grapefruit, coated in a sour sugar that gives your taste buds a tingling sensation. Be warned as these can be addictive and we always finish the pack in one go.

Fettucine Gummy Sweets

#9 Bourbon Chocolate Anpan

These sweet biscuits are made from a delightful soft bread combined with a chocolate filling. They offer a miniature version and a sweety twist to anpan, a traditional, tasty Japanese bread roll often filled with red beans. We find them great for pairing with tea or coffee.

Bourbon Chocolate Anpan

#10 Morinaga Chocolate Ball

These chocolate balls come packed in a quirky box featuring the bird mascot "Kyoro Chan". They contain more than just chocolate. In fact, they are a crunchy, delightful treat with layers of fun flavour. Available in a wide range of flavours, they typically contain a crunchy interior covered in chocolate. 

Challenge: See whether you prefer biting straight into the ball, or letting it melt and release flavours gradually in your mouth.

Morinaga Chocolate Ball

#11 Yurakuseika Black Thunder Chocolate

A favourite especially among Japanese kids and with iconic packaging, Yurakuseika Black Thunder is a real treat. This chocolate bar mixes cocoa-flavoured cookie bits with crispy Japanese-style rice puffs. To round off, it's all coated in a layer of chocolate. The result is a satisfying crunch with every bite.

Yurakuseika Black Thunder Chocolate

#12 Crayon Shinchan Chocobi

Inspired by the mischievous character from the Crayon Shinchan anime, these star-shaped, chocolate-coated puffs are both playful and tasty. This makes them a hit among both kids and adults alike.

Crayon Shinchan Chocobi

Final Word

We hope that sharing our 12 favourite Japanese sweets provides a glimpse into the vast world of Japanese confectionery. But be warned, we've barely touched the surface in terms of what's out there.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Japanese food and culture or you just want to find out more, these treats are sure to offer a fun and tasty experience. So why start discovering your new favourite Japanese treats? Happy tasting!

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