20+ Top Chinese Snacks You Must Try Today!

Feb 4, 2023

When you think of China, one of the first things that springs to mind may be Chinese food and the mouth-watering tastes and flavours on offer.

One underrated part of the culinary culture is what many people from outside China are less familiar with, and that's Chinese snacks.

Today, let's dive into 20+ of the best Chinese snacks out there including many of our top favourites!

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#1 Egg Cookie Rolls

Called "dan juan"(蛋卷) in Chinese, these egg cookie rolls are different to the popular savoury egg rolls you might find in Chinese restaurants. Made from wheat flour, sugar and eggs, they are sweet, crispy snacks that are great for complementing a hot drink such as tea. There are several brands in the market that sell egg cookie rolls. However, Ching Kee is our favourite and perhaps the most famous due to its delicate yet exquisite egg flavour.

Egg rolls

#2 Haw Flakes

Haw Flakes are a crowd-favourite in many Asian countries including China. This popular Asian snack is a candy made from hawthorn fruit and strikes a nice balance between sweet and sour. You can find many bakeries these days using haw flakes to make unique pastries and cakes!

Haw Flakes

#3 Bak Kwa

Our personal favourite snack on this list and one of the most authentic Chinese snacks is bak kwa, the traditional name for Chinese pork jerky. It is made by marinating cured pork with fish sauce, soy sauce, and five-spice powder. These savoury delights can also be made using chicken or beef instead of pork.

Bak Kwa

#4 White Rabbit Candy

White Rabbit Candy is among the most famous Chinese snacks with a history that stretches back all the way to the 1940s. The story goes that a merchant from a sweet factory in Shanghai was so impressed by a sweet he had tasted from England, that he decided to create his own.

Wrapped in edible rice paper, white Rabbit is a creamy milk candy that has a soft and sweet flavour. For many Asians including us, White Rabbit brings back fond childhood memories of Chinese New Year celebrations.

White Rabbit Candy

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#5 Chen Pi Mei

Another widely popular Chinese candy, Chen Pi Mei will enliven your taste buds with its sweet and sour flavour and soft, chewy texture. Black in colour, Chen Pi Mei is traditionally made from preserved plum or Mandarin citrus. 

Chen Pi Mei

#6 Rice Crackers

Rice Crackers are a quintessential Chinese snack that no snack lover should be without. Enjoyed by both children and adults for generations, each pack is filled with delightful, crispy crackers made from rice. Their light and airy texture combined with a satisfying crunch make them a timeless favourite.

Many rice crackers are crafted without any artificial preservatives or additives. This makes them a more natural snacking choice. They are available in a wide range of flavours such as plain, soy sauce, seaweed, and spicy. This reflects the diverse taste profiles of Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Rice Crackers

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#7 Mantou

Next up we have one of the best Chinese delicacies to nibble on during cold weather. Fans of mantou usually eat this Chinese snack with butter or by dipping it in soup. You can also add heavy sauces, such as curry, for a different dimension to your mantou experience!


#8 Nian Gao

Everyone would love having lady luck on their side. If Chinese traditions are to be believed, then eating Nian Gao at the start of the lunar year will do the trick. It is believed that this sticky rice cake wards off evil omens, but it is also terribly sweet and delicious! Although traditionally served in a golden-brown colour, other colours are becoming increasingly common. These will often use different ingredients (e.g., pandan for green Nian Goa).

Nian Gao

#9 Crunchy Rice Rolls

Crunchy rice rolls are, unsurprisingly, made from roasted rice. This crispy snack is also often covered with sesame seeds and has a light layer of syrup on its surface. It is a very light snack, making it perfect for when you’re feeling peckish between meals.

Crunchy Rice Rolls

#10 Pineapple Bun

Pineapple buns are a sweet pastry snack best consumed alongside tea or coffee. They were delicious childhood breakfast staples when we were growing up. The funny fact is they don't actually contain any pineapple. Instead, they get their name from their close resemblance to the tropical fruit's skin. They are also sometimes called polo buns.

Pineapple bun

#11 Dream Animal Biscuits

Dream Animals are a fun biscuit snack that you can never have enough of. Loved by generations of kids and adults alike, each box contains an assortment of biscuits inspired by a variety of animals. The name of each animal is shown on each biscuit, meaning that children can enjoy this tasty treat while learning about animals. Dream Animal Biscuits are free from any preservatives and additives. They are also available in a variety of flavours including butter, banana milk, seaweed and vegetables.

Dream Animal Biscuits

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#12 Shaobing

Shaobing is an unleavened, layered flatbread. It is especially popular as a breakfast or snack dish across northern China. Shaobing can be served plain or with a sweet or savoury filling such as red bean paste or meat. It is commonly eaten alongside milk or tea.


#13 Dried Squid

Dried squid or cuttlefish originates from the coastal areas of East and South East Asia. It is one of our favourite traditional Chinese treats. The squid is dried, shredded and seasoned (most commonly with salt) giving it a soft, chewy texture. It's possible to munch on dried squid all day with no worries since it's relatively light and it takes a lot to fill you up.

Dried Squid

#14 ChaCheer Potato Chips Crispy

Potato Chips Crispy have been lauded as superior to more orthodox potato chip brands. They taste somewhat similar to cheese or vegetable crackers. ChaCheer Potato Chips are golden brown in colour and are produced through baking, not deep-frying. This makes them healthier.

ChaCheer Potato Chips Crispy

#15 Yohosiyo Crabstick

If you like crabsticks then you will love Yohosiyo Crabstick snacks. They come in a range of flavours ranging from Seafood and BBQ to the more intense Spicy and Mala. They are delicious as a standalone snack, and can also make a great addition to rice or your favourite instant noodles.

Yohosiyo Mala Crabstick

#16 Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu is a popular street food snack that is common at night markets and roadside food stores. It is instantly recognisable by its strong odour which is a result of fermenting tofu in brine. It is generally believed that the stronger the odour, the better the taste. Stinky tofu has a unique savoury taste with a crispy outer layer and a softer centre. It can be served both hot and cold.

Smelly Tofu

#17 Youtiao

No list of the greatest Chinese snacks is complete without Youtiao. These are fried dough fritters that you can eat either by themselves or dipped in soy milk. They can be found throughout East and Southeast Asia, and many view them as the perfect breakfast snack and Asia's answer to churros!

Youtiao Churros

#18 Fishnacks

Fishnacks are a dried fish snack which comes sliced into very thin strips. Some people describe them as tasting like fish jerky. They are savoury and well-known around Taiwan and China for being extremely addictive. In fact, a lot of people who grew up in Southeast and East Asia consider this a nostalgic snack that reminds them of their childhood. These really are a true top Chinese snack.


#19 Sachima

Hailing from the Manchu region of China, sachima is a sweet traditional snack. They are made from fried butter and bound together by rock-sugar syrup. To many, they are Asia's answer to Rice Krispies Treats. There are also other variants of this original sachima, including raisin sachima and sesame sachima.


#20 Mooncakes

Mooncakes are iconic thick pastries consisting of a sweet, dense filling such as lotus seed paste, and often contain salted egg yolks. Celebrated as a staple during the full moon at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are rich in symbolism, with their round shape representing unity and completeness.


#21 Sunflower Seeds

Last but not least we have the classic sunflower seed. It is a snack that is commonly enjoyed by various cultures across the globe. This includes Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and of course, China. Across the country, sunflower seeds come in bags and can be plain or salted.

Sunflower Seeds

Final Word

And there you have it, 20 of the best Chinese snacks to purchase right now including several of our favourites. You can easily find them in both physical stores and online, so we recommend you try as many as you can to see which Chinese flavours best suit you!

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