The Top 10 Best Instant Noodle Brands You Must Try

Dec 12, 2023

We've tasted many instant noodles in our time, and we'd be here for ages if we were to discuss each one. That said, when it comes down to the absolute best instant noodle brands, there are a few that, in our opinion, stand out from the crowd.

These instant noodle brands have not only satisfied our hunger, but have also delighted our taste buds with their exceptional taste and quality.

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#1 Demae Ramen by Nissin Noodles (Japan)

Nissin noodles, a pioneer in the Asian instant noodle space, is renowned for its innovation and quality, having introduced the world's first instant noodle product, Chikin Ramen back in the 1950s. Nissin continues to delight taste buds through product brands such as Demae Ramen and Cup Noodles.

We love Nissin Demae Ramen due to its wide range of delicious flavours with everything from sesame to satay to tonkotsu, catering to just about everyone. Their consistent quality and ease of cooking means they're ready in just a few minutes.

Demae Ramen by Nissin Noodles

#2 Ichiran Ramen (Japan)

Ichiran is renowned for its premium-quality instant ramen aiming to replicate the experience of eating at its famed restaurants. Perhaps the most well-known is Tonkotsu Ramen which Ichiran meticulously crafts to deliver an authentic and rich flavour.

We included Ichiran on our list as we are impressed by its dedication to quality and the unique dining experience it brings to instant noodle lovers. We also love how easy it is to add our own favourite noodle toppings on top.

Ichiran Ramen

#3 Itsuki Ramen (Japan)

Established in 1878, Itsuki Foods is a highly celebrated Japanese ramen specialist. It offers a diverse selection of ramen, both dry and broth-based, with its Kyushu Tonkotsu Pork Ramen standing out as our favourite.

We included Itsuki Ramen as a nod to its tradition and excellence in the world of ramen. Itsuki's commitment to authentic flavours and high-quality ingredients has established it as a household name in Japan and beyond.

Itsuki Ramen

#4 Buldak by Samyang (South Korea)

Samyang, famous for pioneering Korea's first instant noodles, has gone onto gain international fame with its viral Buldak Hot Chicken Flavour noodles.

Buldak earns its spot on this list with its trendsetting spicy flavours, capturing not only our hearts but also those of adventurous eaters worldwide. Known for its bold and fiery flavours, Buldak continues to push the boundaries with exciting new variations such as Hot Chicken Cheese and Hot Chicken Carbonara.

Buldak by Samyang

#5 Shin Ramyun by Nongshim (South Korea)

Nongshim, South Korea's largest instant noodle company, is best known for its iconic Shin Ramyun. Launched in the 1980s, Shin Ramyun's spicy beef-style broth, cabbage, and chewy noodles have become a staple in Korean cuisine.

Nongshim earns its inclusion with its rich, flavourful noodles that have warmed many and sparked a global interest in Korean flavours.

Shin Ramyun by Nongshim

#6 KiKi Noodles (Taiwan)

KiKi Noodles distinguishes itself with its handmade, sun-dried noodles, offering a unique chewy and springy texture. Popular for their healthy dry-stirred noodles, flavours such as Szechuan Pepper and Aromatic Scallion are among our personal favourites.

We included KiKi on this list due to its authentic approach to traditional noodle-making and innovative flavours, reflecting its commitment to quality and authenticity.

KiKi Noodles

#7 Mom's Dry Noodle (Taiwan)

Mom's Dry Noodle from Taiwan is known for its high-quality ingredients and innovative approach to instant noodle cuisine. They offer a variety of unique flavours, masterfully blending traditional and modern tastes.

Their inclusion on this list is a recognition of Mom's dedication to creating gourmet-quality noodles that offer a distinctive and satisfying experience.

Mom's Dry Noodle

#8 Kung-Fu Mama (Taiwan)

Kung-Fu Mama brings authentic Taiwanese-style instant noodles to the forefront. Their noodles are known for their rich flavours and traditional Taiwanese tastes.

Kung-Fu Mama's commitment to capturing the essence of Taiwanese cuisine in convenient noodle packs earns it a place on this list, celebrating its contribution to the diversity of the instant noodle market.

Kung-Fu Mama

#9 Mi Goreng by Indomie (Indonesia)

Indomie is Indonesia's beloved noodle brand, famous for its Mi Goreng range. It skilfully combines traditional Indonesian flavours with the convenience of instant fried noodles.

Indomie's inclusion is a testament to their ability to create flavourful, easy-to-prepare noodles that have gained a loyal following both locally and internationally.

Mi Goreng by Indomie

#10 Mama (Thailand)

Mama, a Thai favourite, is known for its flavour-packed noodles, especially the Tom Yum and Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum varieties. Its ability to capture the essence of Thai cuisine in each pack places it on this list.

Mama's commitment to bringing authentic Thai flavours to the global market is what sets it apart.

Mama Noodles

Final Word

It's clear that each instant noodle brand offers a unique insight into the diverse flavours and culinary traditions from around Asia and beyond.

From the intense spice of Korean Ramyun to the rich depths of Japanese Tonkotsu, these brands represent more than mere convenience.

Whether you prefer something spicy, savoury, or health-conscious, the instant noodle world caters to every taste.

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